Anda menemukan masalah dalam proses transaksi?

Perhatikan kode yang tercantum di pesan error anda lalu temukan solusinya disini

Transation Response Code List

Response Code Composition Indication
00 APPROVE Transaksi Berhasil
01 CALL_ISSUER Customer harap hubungi bank penerbit kartu
02 REFERRAL Customer harap hubungi bank penerbit kartu
03 ERROR_HELP_INVALID_MERCHANT Merchant hubungi Cashlez
04 ERROR_CALL_HELP_PICK_UP_CARD Customer harap hubungi bank penerbit kartu
05 DO_NOT_HONOR Customer harap ganti kartu
06 ERROR_CALL_HELP Merchant Hubungi Cashlez
07 ERROR_CALL_HELP_PICK_UP_OTHER Minta Customer Hubungi Bank Penerbit Kartu
12 ERROR_CALL_HELP_TR Merchant Hubungi Cashlez
13 ERROR_CALL_HELP_AM Merchant Lakukan Transaksi Ulang
14 ERROR_CALL_HELP_RE Merchant Lakukan Transaksi Ulang
19 ERROR_CALL_HELP_RE_ENTER Merchant Lakukan Transaksi Ulang
30 ERROR_FORMAT_ERROR Merchant Hubungi Cashlez
51 INSUFFICIENT_FUND Minta Customer Ganti Kartu
54 EXPIRED_CARD Minta Customer Ganti Kartu
55 INCORRECT_PIN Minta Customer Masukkan PIN Kartu Ulang
57 TRX_NOT_PERMITTED Merchant Hubungi Cashlez
58 INVALID_TRX Merchant Lakukan Transaksi Ulang
61 ACTIVITY_AMT_LIMIT_EXCEED Minta Customer Ganti Kartu/Customer Hubungi Bank Penerbit Kartu
76 ERROR_CALL_HELP_DC Sistem Host Bank Down
91 ERROR_CALL_HELP_ISSUER_UNAVAILABLE Minta Customer Hubungi Bank Penerbit Kartu
96 SYSTEM MALFUNCTION Sistem Host Bank Down

Cashlez Response Code for MPOS Application

Cashlez Code Description
1001 Service is currently unavailable
3010 You have exceeded a maximum number of three (3) attempts
3011 You have exceeded a maximum number of five (5) attempts
3012 You are not authorised to void or settle transactions
3020 Please activate account using another phone /device
3021 Invalid Reader
3022 Please use the same Smart Reader
3023 Invalid phone ID. Please reset your Smart Reader
3030 Reader is not linked to the current merchant
3031 Reader is inactive or suspended
3032 Reader malfunction
3040 TID is suspended or not linked to Mobile User
3042 No TID is linked with this mobile user
3043 Application Expired, please update the application
3044 New version is available, please update the application
5010 Invalid login Mobile User
5011 User PIN has to be a 6 numeric characters
5012 Please do not reuse the last 5 password
5013 Invalid activation code. Please try again
5014 Please ensure User ID and User PIN are valid
5015 User is not active
5016 Activation failed
5017 Mobile User already exist with that name
5020 You are using an outdated application
5031 Password must has 6 numbers
5032 Old password must be different with new password
5033 New password already used before
5034 Error while voiding
5035 You are not authorised to void transactions
5036 Void failed because this user is suspended
5038 Invalid format user login
5110 Please try again
5111 You have exceeded your daily transaction limit
5112 You have exceeded your monthly transaction limit
5113 You have exceeded your transaction limit
5114 Please verify mobile number
5115 Please verify email
5116 Email or SMS service is currently unavailable
5117 Your transaction is not allowed by risk management
5122 You cannot perform transaction outside permitted location
5123 Your transaction is below than limit per transaction
5126 Transaction is already Reversed
5127 No TID supported for current transaction
5128 Merchant disallowed magstripe and signature verification
5131 create QR transaction failed
5132 Inquiry QR transaction failed
5133 Transaction status is invalid
5134 Card not supported for current transaction
5135 Invalid amount for offline completion
5139 Manual input account is not supported
5555 System is currently not available
5600 Transaction must use PIN
5601 Wrong choice of transaction type Credit for Debit
5602 Wrong choice of transaction type Debit for Credit
5603 Incorrect PIN
5604 Duplicate Transaction
5605 Transaction is already approved
5606 Invalid Card Transaction
5607 Please use PIN or signature
5608 No need signature for trx below 250.000
8090 An error has occurred
8091 Connection Error
8092 Connection Error
9001 Invalid card
9010 Invalid service name /version